A coat of frost covers the peak of Mt. Ena in Gifu. While walking the Nakasendō/Kiso-ji.

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Our Daughter’s Birthday / A Brief Post on Adoption in Japan

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Royal Trading – Pakistani and South Asian Car Exporters in Japan

Refugees in Japan – A project on Japan’s asylum seekers.

Kumbh Mela – The world’s largest gathering of humanity for a single festival.

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  • Vero v Glass v Mastodon, and What We Should be Doing
    Imagine digital as film – take your time, select and print only the best few. Keep them on hand forever. Photos are your memories. They are for you and your family.
  • Mt. Kazekoshi
    Fourteen kilograms of restless bouncy daughter was too much. I enjoy hiking with her but there comes a time when it’s wise to admit defeat. This hike was me throwing in the towel.
  • Wildlife in an Urban Sprawl
    n recent weeks I’ve started looking much closer at the wildlife around my neighbourhood than ever before and it’s surprising to see what’s right there in front of you, sometimes right on your doorstep.
  • Himakajima
    I first visited Himakajima in 2012 and remember returning home in the evening with a glow of self accomplishment on time well spent. I’d left early in the morning and spent the day wandering and photographing with my cherished Leica M6 and a roll of awful Lomography film. That combination of exploring a new place and getting slightly creative made me happy. I cringe looking back now at my original post now but who cares? Certainly not anyone reading this I presume.
  • Hiking: Mt. Hououzan
    How do you explain to someone that hasn’t hiked much in Japan than despite hiking to over 2700m, despite walking (which felt more like climbing – actual climbing – almost vertically non-stop for 6 solid hours), and despite being in the least visited of the three major mountain ranges, that the campsite would be full and there would be at least 100 other hikers on the mountain?
  • Twitter
    I don’t know what came over me but a few days ago I decided to rejoin Twitter. It’s been over 10 years since I was last active on the platform.
  • Festival: Gujo Matsuri
    The big brother/sister to the Shirotori Festival is the Gujo Hachiman festival just a few kilometres south in central Gifu.
  • Back Under the Aussie Sky
    “I presume the flight isn’t full?” I asked as we checked in to our flight back to Narita. Covid was spreading and the world was panicking. A brief grin followed by a chuckle, and then that most Australian of replies, “Nah.” The attendant was right, too. The airplane was half empty as people were becoming afraid to travel.
  • Hiking: The Other Eboshidake in the Clouds
    Eboshidake in the Minami Alps behind the clouds. This was […]
  • Hiking: Eboshidake and Nenjodake
    Two litres of water wasn’t enough. Foolishly I left one […]
  • Festival: Shirotori
    The Shirotori Obon Dance was held every summer for over 400 years in central Gifu until the pandemic changed everything.
  • Walking – Rucking
    What? Walking around with a backpack weighing roughly 20% of […]
  • Hiking in the Minami Alps: Coffee at the Top
    There’s a joke between a good friend and his brother regarding a hike they did in Colorado a few years ago. Early morning on a remote mountain, as they approached the summit they saw a trail runner come through the mist, he flies straight past them shouting “Coffee at the top!”
  • Hiking: Fujimidai
    Fujimidai is the perfect place to hike with the family. The trails are safe, the views are wonderful, and it only takes 2 hours to get there from the Nagoya region.
  • Alarm Clocks, Nature Sound Gallery, Morning Routine, and a 4-Day Work Week
    Since April this year I have switched to a 4-day work week and it’s possibly the best work-related change I’ve made to my life in years. I now work from Monday to Thursday and am ‘free’ from Friday to Sunday. 

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