This is my website. It’s mostly about outdoor life in central Japan but not always. Feel free to get in touch anytime.


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About – About me, Sean Breslin. 20+ years in Japan.

The Maps – Maps of routes walked, mountains hiked, and bike packing routes in Japan.

Japanese Photo Books – A list and brief description of the Japanese photo books I own.

Short videos of hikes and walks in Japan.

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YAMAP – All the data for hikes can be found on my YAMAP account (in Japanese).

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Our Daughter’s Birthday / A Brief Post on Adoption in Japan

Past Projects

Royal Trading – Pakistani and South Asian Car Exporters in Japan

Refugees in Japan – A project on Japan’s asylum seekers.

Kumbh Mela – The world’s largest gathering of humanity for a single festival.

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A coat of frost covers the peak of Mt. Ena in Gifu. While walking the Nakasendō/Kiso-ji.

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