Festivals: Awa Odori 2010

Went to the Awa Odori Festival in Tokushima, Shikoku over the weekend. It’s easily the best festival I’ve ever been to and it never disappoints.
I used to live in central Tokushima and think it’s one of the better cities in Japan to live in. Great people, easy to get around, and of course the festival.

I try and enjoy the festivals in Nagoya nowadays but to be honest they don’t stand a chance. Can’t wait for next year.

There’s more info about the Awa Odori on Wikipedia here



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3 thoughts on “Festivals: Awa Odori 2010

  1. It’s the Tokushima version of the Japanese Bon Dance.
    I put a link to a Wikipedia article about it in the post so feel free to take a look.

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