Photography: Victoria

This is Victoria and her children. Victoria is originally from Tanzania but has been living in Japan for the past 9 years. Her husband is Ugandan and their children were all born and raised in Japan. They speak only Japanese and go to Japanese schools like other children their age.

Due to Japanese law the children are not considered Japanese citizens. Victoria’s husband, a boxing trainer, has permanent residency, Victoria has temporary refugee status, and the kids need the government’s permission to stay.

Victoria, despite having three children, is not allowed to join the national healthcare system and is not allowed to work.




Breakfast / 朝ご飯
The children have never met their grandparents or relatives / こどもたちは祖父母や親戚に会ったことがありません。
Ugandan souvenir and boxing calendar /ウガンダのお土産やボクシングカレンダー

Lived in central Japan since 2001 and spend free days exploring.

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  1. Hi Sean, thank you for the gentle content, I appreciate it. I too moved here in 2011. Ended up in Matsumoto, following an Arboricultural trail. I found your blog when researching Moots frames, my eye fell into your great photographs. Again, thank you. I feel that our paths may cross one of these days. Until then..

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