Photography: Monthly Immigration Visits 1

Part of being a refugee applicant are the monthly visits to Immigration. Victoria has been going every month for the past 9 years to extend her children’s and her own provisional release from detention despite having her hands full as a mother.


Provisional Release Renewal Stamps
Victoria feeding her youngest son
Taro on the computer

Cycled since I was a kid, moved to Japan in 2001, bought my first 'serious' camera in 2005. Spent the later half of the 1990s travelling in Australia, Hong Kong, India, Nepal, Japan, and the Philippines and wish I'd photographed a lot more back then.

One thought on “Photography: Monthly Immigration Visits 1

  1. It’s got a lot nicer over the last ten years I’ve been going, but I still wouldn’t want to do it monthly.

    Can you make that kid sit down properly before he falls backwards out of his chair and cracks his head?


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