Photography: Ugandan Protest in Tokyo

I went to Tokyo yesterday to photography a demo against the Ugandan government as part of my Tokyo Documentary Photography Workshop project. One of the subjects I’m shooting for my refugee project took part in the demo. The weather was terrible but that didn’t stop anybody.

昨日Tokyo Documentary Photography Workshopの難民プロジェクトの取材の為東京に行って、反ウガンダ政府デモを撮影しました。名古屋で撮影している難民の方がデモに参加しました。台風でしたが、皆さんが天気を気にせずにデモをしました

Meeting in Ebisu Park
Demo in the Tokyo streets
Protester holds sign protesting against President Mueveni's rule
Protesting in front of the Ugandan Embassy, Tokyo

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