Photography: Light Leaks

I retired my last Holga after the summer trip to Cambodia. It’s a wonderful camera but the light leaks started getting out of control as you can see from the colour shot from Cambodia below.

But I’ve been itching to buy a new one recently and now would be a good time.

Nagoya, Japan

Siem Reap, Cambodia
Siem Reap

Lake Biwa, Japan

Haridwar, India

Based in Japan since 2001 I spend free days adventuring into the mountainous regions of central Honshu and occasionally Hokkaido. In 2021, I plan to slow down and talk to more people. Feel free to email me.

5 thoughts on “Photography: Light Leaks

  1. I like the first and the last best. I dropped my first Holga down a staircase, and the second wasn’t quite as good. No doubt I’ll pick another up at some point. There is something delightful about the vignetting and the clarity of the lens which my real medium format cameras can’t emulate. And it’s a lot easier to carry around, too!

  2. Thanks.

    All of the photos started turning out like the Cambodia shot which meant I’d miss most of the detail, that’s why I said goodbye. I’m tempted again though.

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