Photography & Travel: India

I’m going to India again this weekend for two weeks. Old Delhi, Khajuraho, and then Allahabad to the Kumbha Mela – the worlds biggest festival and largest gathering of humanity on the planet at one time. 110 million over the whole festival and 40 million on one particular day. Apparently.

I’m still not sure what to expect there but from what I’ve seen so far it seems incredibly organised and well worth the trip.






Based in Japan since 2001 I spend free days adventuring into the mountainous regions of central Honshu and occasionally Hokkaido. In 2021, I plan to slow down and talk to more people. Feel free to email me.

2 thoughts on “Photography & Travel: India

  1. Sounds like too many people for my liking – enjoy yourself. btw is that a shark in the water behind the boy in the first pic or just rubbish?

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