Photography: Shima & Minami Ise ・志摩市・南伊勢



I don’t know what it is about the Minami Ise, Shima, Owase region of Mie prefecture but something’s got me fixated. From a photography perspective it’s all I can think about right now.

* Had a problem with the shutter on a few frames but I like the results.








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12 thoughts on “Photography: Shima & Minami Ise ・志摩市・南伊勢

  1. I’m getting two LCAs serviced by a bloke in London with a great reputation. Would you be interested in taking one of them off my hands? I’ll probably put it on ebay, but I’ll give you mates rates….. No shutter issues ;-D

  2. Thanks Trane. The area south of Ise and north of Owase is wonderful. It’s full of tiny coves and fishing villages.

    The shutter seems to have fixed itself now – fingers crossed – but I think it stuck (or slowed down) when I shot at 1/500 or 1/1000.

  3. These are all great shots — I especially like five and six from the top.

    What’s up with your shutter though? Time to take the camera in for a service, methinks.

  4. Good advice. I’m realising that failing is more important than succeeding.
    The last 2/3 of the roll were all dark on the left but the first photo above is probably my favourite.

  5. Happy accidents with the shutter or a kid’s thumb over the lens, shaky hands, etc. I always told the kids I worked with not to delete anything because you never know where your ideas are going to come from and when the photograph is not the end product, that is certainly the case.

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