Photography: Chama

Chama, a nickname given to him by his daughter, moved to Aichi in central Japan from Kyushu in the west over twenty years ago due to a health issue. His wife died years ago and after the children left home he has been living alone. Last year he started growing his own vegetables.

Chama was introduced to me by his daughter and I’ve recently started trying to grow my own vegetables as well. I have no idea what I’m doing but luckily Chama is around to show me the ropes.

チャマ (娘が付けたあだ名) が20年以上に健康の問題で宮崎県から愛知県に移住しました。奥様が何年前に亡くなりまして、今一人暮らしをしています。去年畑を始めた。



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