Cycling & Photography: Nov. 19th – Lake Biwa and Kyoto

Over the weekend I took a bicycle trip from Inuyama, around Lake Biwa, Japan’s largest lake, and down to Kyoto. Both Lake Biwa and Kyoto look wonderful at this time of year.

I hung out with a good friend in his colour darkroom and together with his wife Ariko. We also went to a fantastic photography bookshop, Artbook Eureka. If you are in Kyoto defintely take the time to check it out if you like photography.


知り合いのショーンアリコ夫婦の家で泊まって、写真用のカラー暗室で写真プリントを作ってみました。 Artbook Eurekaという素敵な写真集の本屋さんも来店して、これから写真集を買う時にその店に頼みたいと思います。写真に興味あるならおすすめです。



Based in Japan since 2001 I spend free days adventuring into the mountainous regions of central Honshu and occasionally Hokkaido. In 2021, I plan to slow down and talk to more people. Feel free to email me.

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