Photography: Nishiki Port & Fishing Boat Invite

I made my 5th trip to the Owase – Minami Ise region this year if my memory serves me well. Took some more portraits of a couple of fishermen and lots more photos that I’m saving for something else. This is one of the busiest months for the fishermen as the local giant Ise shrimp, among others, always fetch a good price at New Year.

Also got an invitation to ride on one of the fishing boats out towards the Pacific sometime in the future.

今回が今年5回目に南伊勢・尾鷲地方に行ってきました (はっきり覚えていませんが)。今回も漁師さんのポートレートや風景も撮りましたがいつかここで載せます。漁師さんたちに声をかけ、海や仕事について色々聞きました。年末に伊勢エビなどの金額が上がるのでこの次期にとても忙しいみたい。


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Cycled since I was a kid, moved to Japan in 2001, bought my first 'serious' camera in 2005. Spent the later half of the 1990s travelling in Australia, Hong Kong, India, Nepal, Japan, and the Philippines and wish I'd photographed a lot more back then.

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