Hiking & Photography: Hiking with a Holga

I used to own a Holga. I can’t remember the reason why but now I don’t. Probably because the shutter stopped working or batteries corroded the elements. Regardless, I haven’t owned one for years.

And then they stopped making them and have become a sort-after luxury item apparently.

Luckily my friend Darren still has one and he let me take it, along with some expired Neopan black and white film, to Hokkaido and hiking up Mt. Gozaisho in Mie prefecture.

There’s nothing like a cheap toy camera to mix things up a bit.

Blue Pond, Hokkaido
Mt. Gozaisho
Mt. Gozaisho
Mt. Gozaisho
Mt. Gozaisho
Mt. Gozaisho

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