Photography: Amidaga Waterfall ・阿弥陀ケ滝

I was heading for the the Itoshiro valley again on the border between Gifu and Fukui prefectures (more here) to try some winter photography, when I noticed a sign for Amidaga Falls 600m off the road leading up and over the mountain pass to the valley.

I’d passed the fall on a number of occasions but due to the state of the sign alerting people to their existence I presumed that they weren’t worth much time. I was wrong. The falls are about 60m high and ranked in the top one-hundred waterfalls of Japan.

Due to the winter conditions, and taking one or two wrong turns off the poorly marked trail, it took about 20 minutes to hike there but the reward was worth it.

If you plan on visiting them soon make sure you take some snow spikes and there is plenty of ice and rocks about.

If you’re looking for a comprehensive map of waterfalls in the Gifu region then this Google Map is worth checking out.

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