Hiking: Misaka – Fujimidai ・神坂峠・富士見台

Stress and difficulty can knock us down. Sitting at our computers, we are overwhelmed with information, with emails, with one thing after another. Should we just sit there and absorb it? Should we sit there with the sickness and let it fester? No. Should we get up and throw ourselves into some other project – constructive, like cleaning, or cathartic, like picking a fight? No. We shouldn’t do any of that.

We should get walking.

Ryan Holiday – Stillness is the key

I used to think that it was all about cycling. Not anymore*. Now cycling seems too hurried with too much pain for so little in return. And those bloody non-stop clicks and creaks that drive all cyclists crazy. I hated myself for cycling past a beautiful scene that deserved a photograph because, for me, the continued momentum of the bike was more important.

Always too fast, sometimes too dangerous and wreckless, and usually with others and with the pressure that comes with not wanting to hold the group up just for a photo. But not this time. This time my wife and I walked up a road I’ve always wanted to take my time on.

And I’m glad we did – the autumn colours were on full display as were the Minami Alps in the east. A friend often does a winter camp up here when there is nothing but snow as far as the eye can see. The views must be insane.



The entrance to the hike we did was from the Sonohara side of the mountain and we chose to stick to the gated road but access is also possible from the Nakatsugawa side. There are also trails to take you up to Mt. Ena next door.

All the details can be found at my Yamap account.

* Who am I kidding! I still need to ride. I’ve been doing it for so long now that I’m not sure I’d survive without it.

Lived in central Japan since 2001 and spend free days exploring.

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