Life: A Quiet Spring

Photo above: A cherry blossom tree in a quarry. How natural.

The cherry blossom season is said to be a season of renewal, of starting fresh and of acknowledging our brief lives. As others have already pointed out maybe our current circumstances are a wake up call for us – a reset button – but in all honesty I don’t have that much faith. Remember the Australian bush fires from just a few weeks ago? Maybe you do, maybe you don’t.

Once this is all over I worry that, just like the fires for some, everything will be forgotten and we’ll all get back to destroying the planet like we always do. I’m part of the problem – I fly to the U.K. and Australia every year, I like to buy the latest gear, but maybe I shouldn’t. Things should be simpler, shouldn’t they?

Life is quiet at the moment but it carries on.

Cycled since I was a kid, moved to Japan in 2001, bought my first 'serious' camera in 2005. Spent the later half of the 1990s travelling in Australia, Hong Kong, India, Nepal, Japan, and the Philippines and wish I'd photographed a lot more back then.

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