Cycling: Real Voices at a Time Like This

I went on a short bike ride this morning. The first in a few days. The pressure of last week meant that my fitness suffered. But exercise is non-negotiable. It gets you thinking.

So once I got back from a ride in the hills I started to question the news sources I’ve been following so much. Is there any sense to it? The current situation is something the whole world is experiencing and plenty of people are writing about it. I’m not talking about Facebook or Twitter, but genuine thoughtful blog posts by people with nothing to lose or gain. Blogs like this. Or great conversations between some of the worlds most talented photographers.

Like the birds above isn’t it better to clear away the clutter and concentrate only on what’s necessary from moment to moment? More focus, more insight on the things that really matter. Less noise.

Lived in central Japan since 2001 and spend free days exploring.

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