Nostalgia: Kyotō in the 90s

More nostalgia.

Kyotō 1998. I had one of these Pentax Espio 115M cameras. It had a panorama settings which at the time I thought was pretty awesome but now realise was nothing more than a mask to blacken two-thirds of the frame. It also had an almost unusable zoom. I can’t remember taking a single shot with it fully extended that didn’t end up in a blurry mess.

But I digress. I loved that camera, I loved the panoramic setting, and I loved exploring Kyotō with all the naivety and curiosity of a Japan newbie.

And with recent weeks spent at home due to the virus, the heat, and a young daughter I decided to pull out some old negatives and rescan them.

You can’t do that with digital. You can’t look in a dusty old box in a drawer and retrieve memories of your youth.

Back in those days I just wandered with the Pentax, bought whatever film they had in the nearest convenience store or camera shop, took photos and forgot about them. No desire to get them printed immediately or share them with anyone.

It was simple.

Explore. Photograph. Repeat.

These were all shot on Konica 400 something-or-other film and I have not looked after the negatives well. I have lots more that I may post in the future.

Lived in central Japan since 2001 and spend free days exploring.

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