India: Haridwar Train Station

There’s nowhere in the world that can compare to an Indian train station. Most train stations throughout the world – Western and Japanese anyway – are for the most part sterile places that have serve one function. But every Indian trains station that I have ever been to has it’s own unique character.

I caught the train back to Delhi yesterday and got to Haridwar station late afternoon so that I could shoot for an hour or two before my train arrived. Here are a few photos.

Outside the Station


Indian boy waiting for the train to depart
3rd Class on an India Train
I only wish there was a train on the platform when I took this

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4 thoughts on “India: Haridwar Train Station

  1. Thanks for the nice comment Karl.

    I was running around the station with my camera in one hand, my clothes back in my other hand, and my camera gear on my back. I’m happy I got anything at all 🙂

  2. Sean,
    Great work at the train station…awesome photos…. you really captured wonderful images here! The double train window and the boy behind the bars are fantastic!

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